Farewell party in honor of Colonel Martin Trachsler, Swiss Defence Attaché in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Published on: 23.12.2012.

Read more...On 23rd December Norwegian People's Aid Mine Action Programme in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Global Training Centre for Mine Detection Dogs organized farewell party in honor of Colonel Martin Trachsler Swiss Defence Attaché in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Deminers from Bosnia and Herzegovina to Chile and Peru

Published on: 11.10.2012.

Read more...We are receiving a impressive support by the Chilean and Peruan governments, says project manager Goran Persic while waiting for the personnel from Norwegian People's Aid Humanitarian Mine Action Programme in Bosnia and Herzegovina to arrive in Chile.
Their task is to clear designated area between Chile and Peru of landmines by December 17th.During the summer 2012, Norwegian People's Aid (NPA) was invited by the governments of Chile and Peru to assess a designated area for demining located between the two countries in the vicinity of the Quebrada de Escritos ravine, where landmines were washed out on the shores of the Pacific during heavy floods in February 2012.


Representatives of Swiss and BH Federal Department of Foreign Affairs visited NPA Mine Action Programme

Published on: 13.09.2012.

Federal Department of Foreign Affairs of Switzerland is long term donor for NPA Mine Action Programme. During the visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina and their longstanding partners, Mr. Arthur Mattli, Head of the Division Europe, Central Asia, Council of Europe and OSCE at the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs of Switzerland accompanied by Ambassador of Switzerland in BiH, Mr. André Schaller as well as Deputy Minister Denisa Sarajlic from BiH Ministry Of Civil Affairs visited NPA programme on 13th of September.


The German FFO continued support the NPA’s B&H mine action intervention in the region of Bosanska Posavina in 2012

Published on: 14.06.2012.

Read more...The region of Bosanska Posavina accounts for 13,86% of the mine-suspected areas and 45,08% of high affected communities in B&H. The extremely high number of high-affected communities and the negative impact on the return process and blockage to agricultural production and development are the main reasons for why NPA focuses on the Bosanska Posavina region in our strategy 2011-2015.
In 2012 NPA plans to implement Integrated community mine action intervention in communities of Turić, Boderište and Obudovac placed in the region of Bosanska Posavina. The NPA's demining teams are now working in the local community of Turic, located in the Federation of BiH, where demining takes place on five projects with total of 371,486 m2 of suspected-hazardous areas.


Norwegian People’s Aid started clearance of areas contaminated with cluster munitions remnants

Published on: 16.03.2012.

Read more...93 cluster munitions destroyed in 14 days

Norwegian People’s Aid is clearing cluster munitions in Bosnia and Herzegovina with funds from the NRK Telethon organized in 2011. During the first 14 days NPA’s deminers have located and destroyed 93 unexploded cluster munitions of the type MK-1.
Norwegian People’s Aid conducted mapping of areas affected by unexploded cluster munitions in co-operation with the Mine Action Center in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2011.


The new season of demining operations in 2012

Published on: 16.02.2012.

Read more...In 2012, the NPA Mine Action Programme plans to commence demining operations at the affected communities of Turic-Gradacac, Brdjani-Pelagicevo, Boderiste-Brcko District B&H, Obudovac-Samac, Parici-Pelagicevo and continue manual clearance within community of Kamenica in Sarajevo Canton.
According to the the list of priorities for 2012, the tasks location planned for technical surveyand mine clearance are suspected to contains both antitank and antipersonnel mines, as well as explosive remnants of war (ERW), which presents a great challenge for future work projects.